Create a perfect organization in the refrigerator with those tested tricks

The refrigerator is probably the most important instrument in the modern kitchen – we rely on it to keep the taste as fresh fruit and vegetables and the products we plan to prepare dinner. Apart from quality maintenance and regular cleaning, however, the refrigerator needs a practical organization that will not only facilitate the work of the refrigerator but your cooking too.

How many degrees is the best temperature for operation of the device?

To work effectively and keep products fresh for longer, the refrigerator must have the appropriate settings for this purpose. According to specialists the optimum temperature for the refrigerator is between 2 and 5 degrees, and for the freezer -17 degrees. They also remind that the proper functioning of this unit largely depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment. Thus it should not be below 10 degrees or above 28 degrees. Additional advice you will get from any experienced professional, in no case have the refrigerator near the stove or any other heating device.

Refrigerator door is actually the warmest part of it

Many households use the refrigerator to store eggs and cans of milk, unaware that this is actually the warmest area in the refrigerator. Therefore it is not a suitable place for perishable goods or those that are sensitive to temperature changes. Let stand for eggs on the door doesn’t fool you – in fact, the most appropriate place for them is in the top or middle shelf. And in terms of the use of this warmer zone in the refrigerator, there skilled advised to place soft drinks, as well as various types of sauces and condiments.

The top shelf is suitable for storage of products with a short shelf life

Proper placement and setting the optimum temperature of the refrigerator is not enough to ensure the preservation of products it possible fresh for longer. Start creating a perfect organization in the refrigerator with the placement of perishable foods such as yogurt, cheese and other top-shelf. There is also the place of your favorite fruit juice or leftovers from dinner, which is desirable to store in tightly closed cans.

These and many other tips I learned from a friend that works in Carpet cleaning Billericay company.

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